The Kozakov Challenge is near

The Kozakov Challenge is near

Right now, there is over 100 people from all over the world (20 nations precisely speaking) registered for the Kozakov Challenge 2017. On average that's 5,6 people registered a day so far. That means roughly two weeks until the capacity is full. Of course if everything stays average... But if you have been to Kozakov, you know things can get off the charts quite easily.

What things?

  • speed – 120 kph is not even allowed on highways in many countries, hitting it on luge sounds pretty insane
  • distance – when everything goes smooth you can get over 30 km of fast runs a day and c'mon we are organizing the Challenge for the 8th time, we know how to make things smooth
  • amount of beer drank – this doesen't even need a caption

You're still not sure if you want to come??? Don't be that guy, register now and save a spot for yourself. 

21. 05. 2017, CGSA admin